The HOPE methodology is a pioneering and easy method to tackle problems and challenges in your life in a new way.

This methodology is a life-changing experience

For many people, the process of learning how to get in touch with this methodology is a life-changing experience. It recovers the balance in ourselves and activates our self-healing power. This new approach works through all levels, physically and mentally as well as emotionally and spiritually. Thus arises through time, for those who engage on this path:

  • a bigger trust (power)
  • a recovery of physical balance
  • increasing intuition, easing of your borders
  • release of your fears
  • clarity in feelings
  • a deep experience of rest and peace.



The HOPE-process wants to reconnect our inner separations, which we built up during our life but we’re not often conscious of, in a very natural and easy way. In this natural ‘melting process’ we can realise again in a very ‘palpable’ way that we are not separated pieces of self, but that we are in fact an immense ‘Self’. We find this mindset in the Eastern spirituality of Sri Aurobindo, an Indian philosopher: “Only the mental part separates, you are not separated, you are one with everything. You are not who you think you are. You are a immense Self.”

This method is especially interesting because it can be applied immediately to our busy daily lives, with instant palpable results. 



This method is a synthesis of more than 25 years of work and research in Belgium, the heart of Europe, with a broad research team. During all these years, already more than 10.000 people took part in the process.

This method is mostly practised in the following domains

Therapists and coaches see exceptionally fast and sustainable changes which are time and again more effective than any method used previously.

CEOs learn to look at their organisation from a totally new perspective and learn to find solutions in a creative way. The working atmosphere also improves considerably.

Via the HOPE method, teachers learn a new way of dealing with a difficult class or pupil. They also see an increased motivation of the students.

Parents or partners sense new dynamics in relation to their partner and children. 

Doctors or nurses notice a decrease in pain and an acceleration of the healing process of patients. Caregivers of people who suffer from dementia (family members and professionals) learn to bond in a totally new way, with remarkable alterations in behaviour as a result. Terminal caregivers sense a calm, peaceful transition in harmony with the surroundings when they use the method with terminal people.

Artists notice a remarkable increase in their creativity.

This method is actually very suited for every open and searching human who is willing to learn and to stand in life in a new way, where is place for more capacity, creativity, pleasantness and meaningfulness.

First workshop in Hong Kong & Costa Rica

This new method will be initiated for the first time in HONG KONG  and in COSTA RICA in November 2015. During this workshop you will learn how to get initiated ‘in depth’ with the HOPE-methodology. Step by step you learn to apply the different steps of the methodology and to deepen for yourself or with others in your professional or family life.

Deal with obstacles in your life

During the session you also learn how to deal with obstacles in your life,  that you can now use as a level to advance your own growth dynamics. Like this, you learn how to tackle deeper emotions and the connected needs you learn to manage in a new way via this unique methodology.

Your guides

The  session in Hong Kong is guided by Philippe Vandevorst and Patricia Kegels. They have designed the HOPE method together with an extensive group of people. They lead the organisation Timotheus Project in Flanders, Belgium, for more than 30 years, around the following themes:

Inner growth, consciousness broadening, creativity, welfare, social evolutions and systems in terms of education, health, therapy and coaching, leadership, deep spirituality.

The session in Costa Rica will be introduced by Annemarie Van Herck who is a senior facilitator in the HOPE method.


(for privacy reasons, the names are only known by us)

  • E.
    "New start in life"

    "This deep experience gave me a new start in life. I sense that, since then, emotions and thoughts have a way smaller trouble some impact on me. I discovered that I never have to feel like a victim anymore."

    "New start in life"
  • R.
    "It is simple!"

    "I am also enthusiastic about the HOPE approach. It resonates something powerful. It works! It goes effortless! It is simple! I feel, hear and see it in myself and in you, this methodology brings movement to something that seems to be stuck! The time of acting and doing has come. Now, knowing for sure: effortless!"

    "It is simple!"
  • J.
    "Discovered a power within myself"

    "It suddenly became clear how and why the things happen to me. I cannot longer blame someone else, but I have discovered a power within myself to get out of my own impotence."

    "Discovered a power within myself"
  • M.
    "I experienced a deep joy"

    "I experienced a deep joy that I had never felt before. I have never come home to myself so deeply. What I will always remember is the fact that days after the sessions, I could still keep good contact with my core, my own inner plan. I suddenly became a lot less suggestible."

    "I experienced a deep joy"
  • M. (Accountant)
    "Got a totally different outlook on myself"

    "During the training, I got a totally different outlook on myself, on life and on spirituality as well, something I never got in touch with before. I am (was) a convinced Cartesian thinker, that type of person who only believes what he sees, what can be proved. During the training I received a manageable frame and a safe structure to explore new horizons. Recently I have been making other choices in my life. Strange, but instead of choosing clients purposefully, clients chose me. I still approach companies in terms of figures,  but I find it a lot more interesting, as a coach, to give managers  a broader view on the future of their companies figure-wise."

    M. (Accountant)
    "Got a totally different outlook on myself"
  • C. (Teacher)
    "I feel a lot more motivated"

    "As a teacher I feel a lot more motivated when I enter a classroom, and what a miracle… I even sense that the pupils follow the classes with a lot more interest."

    C. (Teacher)
    "I feel a lot more motivated"
  • J. (Coach)
    "A new turn"

    "After one year, my coaching skills have taken a new turn."

    J. (Coach)
    "A new turn"
  • R. (Teacher)
    "I’m working more creatively."

    "Previous year, there has been obviously more ‘flow’ in my classes. I felt way less tired, the amount of pesky confrontations decreased, I’m working more creatively. More self esteem makes you beam with confidence, which makes directing a class seem effortless."

    R. (Teacher)
    "I’m working more creatively."
  • E. (Doctor - GP)
    "Remarkable how well the method works in contact with my patients"

    "In the context of the training I discovered that there are way more skills to learn how to ‘know deeper’. It is remarkable how well the method works in contact with my patients."

    E. (Doctor - GP)
    "Remarkable how well the method works in contact with my patients"
  • A. (Manager)
    "Today I care less about figures, more about people"

    "I was totally stuck actually, as a matter of fact it was my wife who sent me to the training. I thought I would meet a bunch of hovering ‘New Agers’, but I was so astonished when I met normal people of different horizons – with both feet on the ground. Today I care less about figures, more about people. Here I discovered that life is about people. Through the training I truly discovered what the mission of my company is and how I can inspire more people."

    A. (Manager)
    "Today I care less about figures, more about people"